From day one, my husband and I had a covering scripture for our marriage. We chose Psalm 91, which is a clear formula for how to stay under God’s protection. The text starts by stating that as we REST in the shadow of the Almighty, we find refuge and safety. It goes on to give numerous examples of what that protection looks like.

On our honeymoon night, in Palm Springs, California, we arrived after midnight, only to find that our resort was locked. I mean, locked to the point that we couldn’t find anyone at that hour to check us in to our room. Boom! That was a hit. Then, we went to the absolute worse Motel possible, after running down a cab to get us there. Ok, remember, this was our honeymoon night. The first time we would ever be “together”. Boom! That was a hit.

Ok, so we wake up, only to realize that many of our wedding gifts, which were checks, could not be cashed because the name was wrong. Of course, right after you get married, your name doesn’t just legally change. You actually have to change it. Sooo, here we are, just married, and facing major issues immediately. Boom! Hits from every direction.

The picture above is a perfect depiction of how God will shield and cover you as you go through fires, storms, and countless challenges. Though the fire may get close to us, it won’t touch us. Why? Because we are covered by His Word…our covering, Psalm 91.

Once my husband and I realized that it was God building us through what the enemy was throwing at us, we built a bond that could not be broken because the bond was made by God, not just in times of calm, but in times of fire. We were being fire certified and approved! No matter what crazy storms and fires you face, if you just rest in the shadow of the Almighty through prayer, praise, and worship, you will be just fine. You will look at the storm and ask, “What is God building in me/us now?”. BOOM!!!


14 thoughts on “BOOM

  1. Stephanie Gilbert

    This is good Eb. Thanks for sharing. I’m taking this with me…a scripture to cover my soon coming marriage.

  2. Dee Silver

    Boom!!! God is building in me right now! Resting in the shadow of worship, praise & prayer. Well done my friend! Xoxoxo

  3. Ruth Forbes

    Great testimony. And…..I never knew anything about any of this. What a blessed display of maturity for a newly married couple. Love, Mom

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