If I had written this blog post earlier this week, I would have called it “Hell Week”. When I say that this has been “that week”, I really mean it. I’m not one to share all of my business, especially when I’m feeling down, but I will not hesitate to be transparent when I’m sure that God will get the glory. My heart is for people to see God through all things!

Ok. So, this week for me was filled with discouragement and feelings of (what felt like) depression. I can’t really pinpoint one specific thing that happened, I just felt down. It was definitely a spiritual attack. Now, I could be deep and say that I’m not going to claim depression, but these emotions were so bad that I had to reach out to some prayer warriors in my close circle. There comes a time when we have to get off the battlefield and allow another soldier to fight for you. It could be that you are tired, weary, or just frustrated from looking at a tree with little to no fruit, especially when you know you have been putting in the work.

Speaking of fruit. In the midst of the storm I experienced this week,
God spoke. In Ecclesiastes 3:1, we learn that there is a season for everything. God began to show me through a series of events, thoughts, and prayer moments, that every season is NECESSARY. Though I was not in a place fully comprehend why I would be going through a winter, right in the middle of my approaching summer, I knew it to be true. We can’t forsake our seasons.

Here is what I learned in this week’s storm. We are not all in the same season at the same time, spiritually. Imagine that you are in your winter, when no fruit is on your tree, no leaves are on your trees, flowers aren’t blooming, it’s cold and windy outside, the sun is rarely shinning, but you are still trusting God. You look over to your friend’s tree, and you see the sweetest looking fruit filled trees, the others are filled with beautiful green leaves, and the sun is shinning bright, like a diamond. All is well over there, but you feel like you are in hell. What do you do?

Real talk… It is difficult to look at someone else’s spring, while you are in your winter. But, what we must realize is that the person who is in spring just came out of a winter. Praise break right there!!! You don’t know the struggle and preparation they had to go through to get to their spring. They had to wait, just like you are waiting. It is IMPOSSIBLE to successfully jump from one season to the other, without properly going through each season, and getting all the lessons…that’s if you want to be ready for your new level.

You can’t just jump from one course in school to the other without successfully passing (and learning) the pre-requisite course. God showed me what it looks like when people forcefully jump out of their winter because it’s too cold. See, the winter was supposed to prepare you, and to prepare your atmosphere for the coming blossoming. But, you aborted the season. You couldn’t stand the heat. You couldn’t stay in the furnace long enough to come out like gold. So, you come out half processed. Now, you are in your spring because you jumped out of winter too early. And guess what? You have to go through a spring, summer, and fall WITHOUT THE PREPARATION YOU NEEDED.

So, then we start wondering why the fruit on your tree looks good, but doesn’t taste good. See, we, as women, we know how to dress it up. We know how to put makeup on a scarred face, and we can jazz up a tired body, and we can smile on top of our depression. But, I’m coming out of this winter season ON FIRE! I’m determined to stay until I’m ready to come out; no matter how much it hurts.

It will be worth it! I don’t want to look up next year and find myself going through the 2015 winter that I was supposed to go through in 2014. I don’t have time for that! Therefore, I will learn to recognize my season, praise Him anyway, and dress according to the season I’m in, and keep it moving. See, because now, I know why I’m going through my SEASON. I’m being prepared for my next level. Therefore, I WILL REJOICE!

WILL YOU REJOICE WITH ME? Comment below with your praise! Let’s start giving God Glory now. Remember, a butterfly goes through stages (seasons). If it comes out of its cocoon too early, it may not be able to fly properly. It is the struggle of getting out of the cocoon that produces the strength that enables the butterfly to soar. Stay there until He moves you into your next season! REJOICE!


5 thoughts on “NECESSARY SEASONS

  1. Alnique deloatch

    Woooooow! This truly blessed me! I can’t even type how much this post has touched me! All I’ll say is wooooow and THANK YOU!
    I’ll prob come back tonight to reread it and share how it blessed me! Wow

  2. Tawanda

    Praise God for that awesome analogy. I’m determined to go through my seasons too. I used to, and still working on, not feeling sad because someone else got out of their season before I got out of mine. Now I can truly say, the holy spirit has taught me to rejoice with those who rejoice. He’s also taught me to endure and outside him while I’m in my winter.

  3. Claudette Jones

    What a blessing, I really enjoyed your post and your transperancy as well. Sometimes we get so holy that we are not earthly good. Your post is a reminded that we all go through seasons in life and no matter what, if you don’t prepare during the winter than you will not prosper in the spring. It may be cold and it may feel like frost bite is going to take you out, but just hold on because the SON is on the way to light a fire to the storms that have raged in your life. Be encourgaed and I thank you for encouraging me.

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