My beautiful mother turns 60 today!

My beautiful mother turns 60 today!

Legacy is defined as: anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor. Some definitions include items left behind, such as personal property, like homes, property, cars, and money. Today, that legacy I speak of is one of strength, dignity, class, grace, and a sense of family pride. These items are priceless, and far exceed any material thing one can possess. Today, I honor the creation of a beautiful legacy being created by my mother, Ruth Reavis Forbes. The example she has been to our family has paved the way for success in so many areas. I can’t thank God enough for my mother, and I encourage you to think about all of the labor and sacrifice displayed by your family over the years. Today, say a prayer of Thanksgiving for the LEGACY of priceless jewels being created in your midst! The greatest jewel of all:  WISDOM.

To a beautiful mother, sister, gaga, aunt, friend, and woman of class! Happy, Happy Birthday! Your strength is a display for us all, and your essence is the epitome of dignity. From trial to triumph, you’ve been a witness to God’s grace, mercy, and Glory. Praying God’s infinite blessings of peace and prosperity to continue to cover you, all the days of your life. As the fruit of your labor continues to flourish, may you continue to smile, and may God continue to smile upon you!



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