Giving Birth

Photo Credit:  Strikingly Odd Media

Photo Credit: Strikingly Odd Media

Giving birth is more than a notion. The birthing I speak of is natural and spiritual. When you are impregnated with a dream, a vision, a purpose…the conception is not always easy, the carrying is definitely not easy, and giving birth is beyond description. There are no words to describe the process of giving birth. But, I will try…

I am officially 9 months pregnant with my second son, and I truly can not wait to meet him! Is it because I want to kiss his little face, see who he looks like, get to know him, and lay him on my chest? ABSOLUTELY! But, it’s so much deeper than that. When God allows you to be pregnant, in the natural or in the spiritual, it is more than an honor. But, it can be physically, emotionally, and even spiritually draining as your body gives literal life to what you are pregnant with.

I don’t want this to be a long and drawn out blog, but I do want to say this. You are PREGNANT WITH DESTINY. You have a divine purpose and a calling on your life. In order for you to give birth to it, you will go through a process. My encouragement is that you not give up before God gets out of you what He put in you. It may get rough, you may have morning sickness, be extremely tired, irritable, and maybe even mean some days. But, let God take you through the process. I can guarantee you…it will be worth it.

GIVE BIRTH TO YOUR DREAMS! Then, you will be able to see the face of your dream, hug and kiss it, lay it on your chest, and it will look JUST LIKE GOD. 🙂

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