“Beautiful Disaster” by Artist, Eboni Bell Follow I Dream in Color Art on Facebook to view more artwork.

Sometimes, as women, we get so caught up in what we “think” we are supposed to be doing.  We walk around with our Superwoman cape on all the time, when sometimes, we want to walk around with absolutely nothing on.  A t-shirt and panties and the most!  lol  I’m here to encourage you that it really is OKAY.  You can do just that, and in fact, you should throw you a batch of cookies in the over, pour you a glass of wine, and watch your favorite movie.  Mine is “Coming to America”.   Sometimes, you’ve got to just put everything down and enjoy the moment of craziness, disorder, and UNDONE.  Here is what I learned this week.

This has been a crazy week, but with God’s grace, I got through it! Dinner was awesome, boys down for the night, message for Saturday is complete…but all the laundry is not done and neither is my “to do” list. This week’s lesson…it really is ok to have some “t”‘s not crossed and some “i”‘s not dotted. Being a woman, wife, mother, entrepreneur, and minister is BY FAR not easy, but with some help, wisdom, prayer, and a few things on the back burner, it is possible. As long as my family is straight, my most important ministry assignment is on point.

Just wanted to share in hopes to encourage someone to just ENJOY THE MOMENT OF CHAOS.  Life is sometimes just a beautiful disaster…

Thanks for visiting ALL THINGS WOMAN BLOG and feel free to leave a comment telling us how you enjoy those crazy moments of UNDONE.


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