I Have a Dream for Queens


I Have a DreamThis poem is dedicated to all the young princesses who will grow up to be queens.  It is inspired by the incredible advocate and game changer, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have a dream…

I have a crazy dream.  One that screams the screams of little girls, lost in false identities and lacking basic queen amenities like strength, dignity, strategy, and creativity.

Perhaps these have been hidden due to life circumstances, which blind young girls from opportunities and happen stances.

Happen stances of growing up without a father’s love to embrace her self-esteem. Growing up ashamed of the color of her skin, causing her face to look mean.

I have a dream….

I have a crazy dream of little girls understanding their worth.  Outside of their girth. The size of their breasts and their butts not being a factor, but the brain being the X Factor.

I dream of little girls growing up knowing the difference between a princess and a mistress.  Believing that she’s more than sloppy seconds or thirds.  More than some irrational adult’s words of downtroddeness and frown clouding bliss.

I dream of a day when little girls wear crowns, not frowns.  They wear crowns, not faces full of makeup at twelve, looking like clowns.  I dream of a day when what we look like is a reflection of what we feel like.  I dream that we feel royal…from princess to queen.

I have  a dream…

I have a dreams that princesses grow up to be queens.  Not just be queens, but act like queens.  Stack green like queens.  Follow dreams that scheme to change the world…girl.  You’re a queen.

See, the world told you that you needed to minaj like Niki and dance like Bey to be somebody.  No shade, because they’ve mastered who they are by far.  Much respect.

But here’s the problem. Music taught you that the best thing about you was your ability to control a man with what’s between your legs.  But, I beg of you.  That’s not right.  Yea, I said it.

That’s not right!  What’s right is what’s between your ears.  A beautiful masterpiece of a brain.  Hand crafted by a King, who by the way has your DNA; He was your Daddy all along.  He has been singing you sweet songs and He longs to be with you.

What’s right is your creativity and your capacity to strategize for nations, ruling in your domain; your purpose.  What’s your domain?  Well only your Creator knows that, so ASK.

But know this.  Your were created for such a time as this.  What time is it?  It’s time to help young girls take back their identity.  To grab a hold of every bit of their self esteem.

To realize that they are so much more than the world has molded them to be.  It’s time to dispel the lies of false identity, trying to be someone you don’t even know to be true.

Queens, it’s time to be you.  It’s time to unleash.  It’s time to let out the lioness, that some might call a beast.  But, don’t hold back.

Shout from the mountains of conversations, to hills of social media.  In classrooms all over the world, let your voice be louder than media.  Let your image and how you carry yourself be an essay to the nations, that your brain and your tongue is a treasure to be used, not to trampled upon by the world’s dictations.  Let your life be a truth dissertation.

Let Freedom Ring!  Let Freedom Ring!  Let the Freedom of your destiny RING.

Leave a Legacy. Live your truth….Like Queens…

Do you have a dream?

-Dr. Eboni Bell







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